Community Partner Program

A mentoring program designed to pair Community Partner volunteers with individuals and families living in poverty within Mariposa County for the purpose of navigating and accessing needed resources for those individuals and families to move out of poverty and into proserity.

Substance Abuse Prevention


Located at: Mariposa County High School, Woodland Elementary School, Mariposa Elementary School, Lake Don Pedro Elementary School, Greeley Hill Elementary School
Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.
FNL is focused on preventing community issues such as underage drinking, drinking and driving, social hosting and more. The program also focuses on providing youth with the skills and resources they need to be successful citizens in their communities.
Due to the overwhelming success of Friday Night Live, a middle/junior high school component was developed called Club Live.
The primary focus of both programs is to form youth/adult partnerships with young people, providing programs rich in opportunities and support, so young people will be less likely to engage in problem behaviors, more likely to achieve in school, and more likely to attend higher education or secure a full-time job.

Visit the State Friday Night Live Site here:  


Grand Families and Kinship Relative Caregivers of Mariposa County meet to support, learn, exchange ideas and resources from their own life experiences with childcare, guardianship and/or adoption. It is an independent, confidential group that provides the opportunity to meet new friends and explore legal, health, educational, financial, mental health and behavioral life experiences. For more information, please call the Mariposa Safe Families office at (209)966-2211.


Mountain Valley 211 can help you find assistance resources for almost anything you need. It's simple, dial 211 and our caring trained specialists will listen confidentially to assess your situation and help you find the resources you or a loved one may need.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention


Week One:  Ways to Stay Safe

Objective:  Identify Safety Rules for guns, fire, riding on wheels, crossing streets, water, sharp tools, riding in cars, and dogs.  Demonstrate using the Ways to Stay Safe in response to scenarios.

Week 2:  The Always Ask Rule

Objective:  Demonstrate following the Always Ask First Rule in response to scenarios.  Identify the person they should ask first in response to scenarios.

Week 3:  Safe and Unsafe Touches

Objective:  Identify safe and unsafe touches.  Follow the Ways to Stay Safe in response to scenarios about unsafe and unwanted touches. Refuse unwanted touches in response to scenarios.

Week 4:  The Touching Rule

Objective:  Identify private body parts.  Identify the Touching Rule.  Apply the Ways to Stay Safe in response to scenarios where someone breaks the Touching Rule.

Week 5:  Practicing Staying Safe

Objective:  Identify the Touching Rule.  Apply the Ways to Stay Safe in response to scenarios where someone breaks the Touching Rule. 

Week 6:  Reviewing Safety Skills

Objective:  Identify Safety Rules, the Always Ask First Rule, the Ways to Stay Safe, and the Touching Rule. Recognize when a bigger person has broken the Touching Rule.  Apply the Ways to Stay Safe to scenarios for the "Julie Stays Safe" video